My name is Renata Leljak. I was born and raised in Croatia, where I studied art at the Rijeka Academy of Applied Arts

Over the years I have been co-exhibitor in several group exhibitions and I have regularly participated in various workshops and events organized by artist colonies.

I like to be in touch with other artists and enjoy their works. I worked briefly as a gallerists in Paris gallery Dansk Møbelkunst and I participated in the Paris Pavilion of Art and Design as sales assistant.

     Since 2015 I have been living and painting in Copenhagen.

     I create art for gallery exhibitions using oil and acrylic, which are the primary techniques I use. Furthermore I have been experimenting with graphite, pen & ink, pastels, mosaic tile, watercolors and digital media to explore how different techniques affect my artwork.

The foundation of my work is in the balancing of shape and line with colour, texture, and atmosphere. In my work I spontaneously create mystical places to get lost in, as well as dynamic spaces to explore the connection between intuition, association, and self-perceived feeling in an abstract painting.

     On this website I am presenting selected oil and acrylic paintings that have been created in Copenhagen within the last two-three years.

The central theme in my paintings was in the beginning the human body and figure, but gradually, since i came to Denmark I have been more engaged in painting expressionistic and abstract paintings whose primary goal is to express my inner emotions as an artist - emotions that permeate me in the very moment when I paint.

My abstract artwork is an intuitive, visual diary of my interior language.This is also the reason why I don't name my paintings. It is a conscious decision as I don't want to "contaminate" the imagination of the beholder. 

     To behold my paintings must be a unique journey into one’s own imagination and the associations that my art evokes, should be subjective. I always find it interesting to hear how different people interpret my paintings which is why I like to pose the questions:

  - What do you see in my painting?

  - Which feelings does it evoke in you?

  - Where does it lead your thoughts?



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